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Guangzhou China is a new material Co., Ltd. is a new material Co., Ltd. is a number of domestic and foreign admixture industry experts, research, development, sales and technical services as one of the independent legal entity. The company has strong technical force and production line, the main production of naphthalene additives and poly carboxylic acid series of high efficiency water reducer.
Our products are widely used in high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings, municipal roads and bridges, railway bridges, railways, nuclear industry, ports, airports and other national key projects, as well as countries of Indonesia, Sultan, Pakistan, Russia and other countries.

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Building Materials Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Heng Chiang Li
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Business Phone :020 -85588492 / 13802913405
E-mail: zhongzhengliheng@163.com
Office Address: Guangzhou Guangzhou Road, Room 306, # 115-117Website: www.gdzzlh.com

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   "Customer-centric" service aims to develop the core technology, enhanced technology and service.
    Specialized technical services, increased application of technology to promote concrete admixtures to improve the quality of concrete works, but also expand the admixture range of products and applications.
   Concrete admixture applied technology is based on the key characteristics of our company in providing quality products, free of charge technical personnel to the scene to provide technical guidance, tracking services to help solve technical problems.